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Medico Legal Law Degree

The majority of students interested in medical law and related subjects use our graduate programs in law, medicine and health care as an opportunity to gain advanced expertise in preparation for medical legal practice. Read more For more than 300 years at the center of legal education and research. The Master of Legal Studies with a concentration in Health Law and Policy is a one-year program of study if pursued full-time or two or more years part-time. The concentration can be completed entirely online or with a mix of face-to-face and online courses. This course addresses the growing interest at the intersection of medicine, law, and ethics. With increasing pressure on resource allocation within the National Health Service and current debates about a person`s ability to consent or refuse medical treatment, there is a growing need for qualified lawyers with an understanding of health law. Applicants must provide proof of a four-year degree, a personal statement, a curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation. GRE, LSAT or MCAT scores are not required. Related postgraduate specializations include medical ethics. Admission requirements generally include a bachelor`s degree in a relevant legal discipline.

Masters in Medical Law provide advanced study of the laws, legal systems, and institutions involved in the regulation of medical practice, including the analysis of ethics and human rights. School Profile Average tuition: $17,255/year Teacher-student ratio: 12:1 Campus visits? No Rating: 11 The Flexible Online Master of Health Law and Policy at Samford University`s Cumberland School of Law is open to non-lawyers and practicing lawyers who wish to have an in-depth knowledge of health law. Students complete two courses each semester and complete their degree in just 24 months. Courses are offered in areas such as: advances in biomedical technology, changing moral attitudes and developments in law result in difficult ethical, legal and political challenges for those involved in health care. Although a health law degree does not qualify graduates for the bar exam, it is an advantageous degree for people in the fields of insurance, health administration, social work, or health education. Students who earn an online health law degree can continue to work during graduation, applying their knowledge and immediately adding value to their workplace. Most programs are open to students with a bachelor`s degree in any field, allowing students to change careers or advance their careers. * Not all courses are offered every year and offers are subject to change. Please visit the Law Center website for courses currently offered. Attorneys who graduated outside the U.S. must also complete the Introduction to U.S. Law and Legal Research and Writing.

Courses already taken at other schools – including the Law Center – may not count towards the program requirements. Our Master`s programme in Medical Law focuses on legal issues arising in the context of medicine. These include debates on assisted reproduction, abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia, psychiatric ethics and law, organ donation and the allocation of limited resources. Read More School Profile Average tuition: $30,744/year Professor-to-student ratio: 11:1 campus visits? Score Yes: 6 American University Washington College of Law has a leading online Master of Laws that focuses on healthcare compliance. Health professionals learn to navigate the complex laws and regulations in their field and understand how these laws affect care. Courses cover areas such as: Our MSc in Medical Ethics and Law focuses on legal and ethical issues raised in the context of medicine. You can examine the differences in legal laws and regulations of certain topics at the international level, such as the policies surrounding euthanasia and its legality in some countries but not in others. Applicants must have a bachelor`s degree from a regionally accredited institution and work experience. We have created this list of the top 20 online health law degree programs in the United States to showcase the best programs. We considered institutions that have regional accreditation and offer an online master`s degree: School Profile Average tuition: $17,369/year Professor-to-student ratio: 13:1 Campus visits? No score:11 Stetson University offers an online Master of Science in Compliance in Healthcare for healthcare professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of health laws and regulatory compliance issues.

Students can graduate in just two years (four semesters). Students study in-demand areas such as: The Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) at the University of Arizona Law, available entirely online or in-person, with an emphasis on health law and policy, addresses a significant and growing need for non-lawyers to identify and resolve legal issues that inevitably arise in a highly regulated healthcare environment. Average school profile tuition: $5,683/year in-state and $20,342/year out-of-state Professor-to-student ratio: 18:1 campus visits? No score: 11 The University of Oklahoma`s best online master`s program in health law is designed for non-lawyers who need a solid understanding of health law and legal issues. There are no residency requirements and students can graduate in as little as 15 months. Each course has been reviewed by the Healthcare Advisory Council to ensure it is relevant and applicable to the healthcare industry. Courses cover areas such as: This degree requires completion of approximately 10 courses (five health law courses and five mandatory core courses for legal foundations). Online courses last 7.5 weeks. They are offered in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Students take 10 courses in a convenient online format.