Meet The EMTs Who Save Lives Everyday in Victoria

Emergency care isn’t just dispensed at our facilities, sometimes it starts in the ambulance, on the way to our emergency center. And while nurses and physicians are the main providers of medical care in the emergency room, there’s a completely separate team of men and women who treat patients in the ambulance.

Keep reading to hear more from Victoria EMTs for National EMS Week!
EMS, or Emergency Medical Services, teams identify wounds and conditions, stabilize and if necessary, treat patients on the way to emergency centers or before emergency services arrive. They may be EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), or paramedics and may work in variety of positions, like as a firefighter. It’s often their expert training that saves patients in critical, life-threatening situations.

Meet The EMS Team Whom Save Lives Everyday at Victoria ER

Back row left to right: Ralph Crolley, James White, Robert Bayer & William Welch. Front row left to right: Joel Moncado and Captain David Pillar.

Victoria ER wanted to honor the brave men and women who, like the emergency team at our facility, save lives in our community. Our Director of Marketing, Sheila Kilgore, dropped off treats at Victoria Fire Station 4 to show our appreciation.

Meet The EMS Team Whom Save Lives Everyday at Victoria ER

The famous VER car making its rounds to local fire stations to show our appreciation for their emergency care.

“Victoria Fire Department is glad to have Victoria ER recognize our efforts to make our community safer during EMS week 2017,” said Joel Moncado, EMT-LT. “As a department, we come to work knowing that we take great satisfaction in providing the best care for our community. We appreciate the recognition because it reminds us all that we have a duty to act.”

Meet The EMS Team Whom Save Lives Everyday in Victoria

Joel Moncado, EMT-LT.

“We’re incredibly grateful to our EMS teams in Victoria, who play a crucial part in protecting our community,” said Sheila. “We hope that the goodies we delivered will express our appreciation!”

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Have you ever been helped by an EMT or paramedic?

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