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Microsoft Office Lizenz Legal Kaufen

On marketplaces, price comparison sites, and various online stores, offers can be found at a fraction of Microsoft`s own prices. In most cases, these keys come from Microsoft volume licenses for business customers – Office Standard or Office ProPlus. Volume Licensing is a licensing model specifically for enterprises that allows multiple licenses and provides product keys for multiple use on different devices. This allows Office products to be used quickly and easily on a variety of computers without having to invest a great deal of effort in activating the software by the company`s IT department and Microsoft support. Cheap license key providers take advantage of this. Product keys are obtained in Microsoft licensing programs. Product keys from companies or institutions, schools and authorities are sold and used several times. Sometimes all volume licenses are even made for resale in the name of a company or institution. Even if the resale of so-called “used licenses” is considered legal, it should be kept in mind that these licenses and the associated license agreement must be accepted by the licensee (as stated in the license agreement). A contract is always concluded only by acceptance. Therefore, suppose there is no valid license if you do not need to provide consent under a license agreement for volume licensing agreements or products under those agreements. Typically, this is done in the manufacturer`s licensing portal.

* The boxed goods always contain the plastic case with the certificate of authenticity attached and the PKC folded internal card. Only the folded card alone is not a valid license.* ESD licenses are purchased individually from Microsoft and can only be installed on one PC (not on 2 or more PCs at the same time). If you receive an ESD license from an unauthorized reseller, ask yourself if and how you can be sure that the same key has not already been sold several times to other customers! * “Remaining volume license keys” are unfortunately offered by some competitors and allow installation on any number of computers. These keys were stolen as part of a contract for services and are distributed illegally. In addition to the fact that you, as the buyer, are not licensed, there is also the risk that Microsoft could lock such a key at any time and you could no longer start your Office. In general, this risk exists much more with ESD licenses than with boxed products: do you always wonder how you can prove that you are properly authorized in the event of an audit? If the retailer is no longer on the market in the meantime, you won`t be able to prove much with an email containing only a product key. We usually do NOT have ESD licenses until we have any way to ensure that the ESD key is not used multiple times or even obtained illegally (stolen business key or key generated with an external key gene). Exceptions are items that do not come from a volume contract. Three products are sold as a product key (alternatively as a key card). These are “Office Home & Student”, “Home & Business” as well as “Office 365 Personal” and “Office 365 Home”. Here you need to explicitly make sure that these products can only be installed and activated via If not, you should be very critical.

As an end user, how can I now see if these offers are legal? Or at least make sure I`m not being ripped off and that access to “my” programs is suddenly blocked again? I only buy these licenses in cheap volume. Office, Windows, whatever. I recommend it too. Until now, only one colleague had received a key that had already been taken. I contacted the seller and got a new one. He leaves. So far, nothing has been denied to me. So I kept searching on Google and came across masses of offers for “Professional Plus 2019”, with the same reach as “Professional”. This is available for €188.09 or €17.94, and everything in between.

A quick search shows that these are volume licenses and you only buy the product key. I wouldn`t care, as long as it has the features I want and the price is reasonable. There are always decent German dealers behind the offer. Zl; NG: How do I know if Microsoft Office is legally available? With “Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019” you get the latest version of the popular Office package as a perpetual license. Want to buy software and play it safe? Then Licensequeen is the right place for you: With us you can buy original license keys for Microsoft Office cheaply and legally. You can download your program directly and start working – if you have any questions about activation and installation, our competent customer service is always at your disposal! Buy Microsoft Office cheaply and use it indefinitely – it`s possible with Licensequeen.