Hands-Only CPR Training Can Be a Lifesaver

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Hands-Only CPR Training Can Be a Lifesaver

You’re out at a restaurant with one of your loved ones. You’ve ordered, your drinks have arrived and you’re enjoying your time chatting. Suddenly your loved one stops, clutches their chest and collapses. Do you know what you would do in this situation? Would you be prepared?

350,000 people suffer cardiac arrests outside of an emergency room each year and only 12 percent survive. Knowing hands-only CPR could mean the difference between life and death as compressions alone can triple the chance of survival.

Our emergency room wants to help you receive the right knowledge so that you are prepared when the unthinkable happens. That’s why Sheila Kilgore, Victoria ER’s Marketing Director, and Marcy Moncada, Victoria ER’s,;Community Outreach Specialist, have organized a free hands- only CPR class, Ab ictoria ER| -24-Hour Emergency Room.

These educational and lifesaving classes are instructed by Dana Woodward, Victoria Fire Department’s Captain-Training and everyone who completes the class will receive a Medical Continued Education Certificate — Course of Completion.

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