Heart Attack Patients: What to Expect in the ER

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Heart Attack Patients: What to Expect in the ER


For most of us, knowing when to request medical attention at the time of emergency isn’t always clear. It is easy to analyze circumstances in case of a potentially life-threatening situation such as fainting, difficulty in breathing, or traumatic accident. However, heart attack symptoms are not as easy to detect and analyze right away. This is because its symptoms can sometimes be confused with that of heart burn, weakness or dizziness, thus, most people tend to misread them. It pays to call 911 right away if you observe anyone experiencing chest discomfort. Being prepared is the key to handling any situation with logic and a clear mind. Here is what to expect in an ER if you have experienced chest pain or a heart attack:

Things to Bring to the ER

There is a list of things that you need to bring to the ER. If a loved one suffers a heart attack, make sure that you take all the necessary files and medical history along with their insurance card. Also, bring a pen and paper to document the treatment they are receiving to keep record.

What to Expect when you Arrive at the ER

Emergency rooms operate on the basis of a system known as triage. Under this system, they treat the illness which is the most serious amongst all cases present. So if you or your loved one has had a heart attack, they will look into your case quickly. Depending upon your symptoms, you may receive the following tests and treatment:

  • Physical examination
  • An IV
  • Blood tests to confirm the occurrence of a heart attack
  • Administration of medicines such as aspirin, nitroglycerine, and clot dissolving agents
  • An EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Administering oxygen
  • Opening of a blocked artery through Cardiac Catheterization if deemed necessary by a Cardiologist. This is a process where a flexible tube is inserted via the groin to extend to the block artery.

What to do During the Procedures?

The doctors and emergency staff in the ER are competent in dealing with such cases. This is why you need to trust them with the care and treatment they provide in order to steer you towards a healthier life style. If you are alone, it is best to inform a friend or family member about your condition. Victoria ER is a walk-in emergency enter with state-of-the-art facilities to cater to heart attack patients. Take action if you or anyone near you is experiencing a heart attack by visiting this dependable ER.

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