Girl Scouts Tour Facility to Learn More About First Aid

There are nearly 2.7 million girl scouts, and a few of our own here in Victoria came to our facility to learn more about first aid and proper sanitation.

Troop #9556, led by Ashley Reyes and Tiffany Lindsey, toured the facility and learned more about handwashing, an essential part in staying healthy and warding off harmful germs. While the girl scouts were there to earn a badge, proper hand washing is something anyone can benefit from, especially during flu and cold season. Keep reading for pictures and some helpful tips from the girl scouts’ trip to Victoria ER.

Washing hands isn’t a difficult task, but it is an important one. You come into contact with thousands of germs every day and while most of these germs are harmless, some can make you sick. More serious infections, like pneumonia, influenza, and strep throat, can land you in the hospital if it’s serious enough.

Try these easy 5 steps to make sure your hands are squeaky clean, demonstrated by our own nurse, Jenette Hill.

    1. • Wet your hands with warm or cool water. No need for very hot water – the soap does most of the work.
    1. • Use one pump of soap and lather.
    1. • Scrub in hard to reach areas, like under your nails and in between fingers. These places are havens for nasty, even harmful germs.
    1. • Rinse completely clean. If you leave any soapy residue, it could cause slight skin irritation or redness.
    1. • Dry with towel. Studies have shown that wiping hands dry afterwards helps with germ removal.
    1. The girls also learned about basic first aid, and broken bones with our lead radiologist, Ashton Lassmann.

As the girl scouts say, “be prepared,” and take the opportunity to learn more about first aid and proper sanitation. Check out where you can become certified in first aid here. 

      1. Victoria ER is committed to the education of our community. If you’d like to partner with our facility in an educational initiative, contact our Director of Marketing,

Sheila Kilgore 

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