6 Symptoms You Should Never Avoid

You face a lot of challenges in your daily life. You’re supposed to maintain appearances, meet deadlines, improve yourself, and grow as person all at the same time. This “rat race” sometimes makes you forget about the more important things in your life, like your health. If you are suffering from persistent pain, sporadic flu-like symptoms, sudden intense headache, or anything of the sorts, it is best to seek medical attention before it is too late. These symptoms can be signs to something bigger and serious, and you would want to know exactly what’s up with your body to choose the best care options. In this blog post, we discuss the six symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored.

Shooting Pain in your Arm

If your overall health is in optimal condition, and you experience an intense and sudden pain in your arm, don’t ignore it. It can be a sign of heart attack, and you need to seek immediate medical help. This is particularly true for pain in the left arm.

Severe Headaches

If you are going about your routine chores and experience a severe headache, ask someone to help you get to an ER or call the proper numbers to get medical help. This can be a symptom of significant neurologic or brain dysfunction which is best not overlooked.

Uncontrollable Vomiting

Uncontrollable vomiting coupled with loose bowels may indicate food poisoning or gastrointestinal infection. It becomes necessary to seek medical help in this condition because you may require IV fluids and electrolyte replacement or any such treatment to ensure that the infection doesn’t lead to complications.

 Muscle Spasms

Twitching muscles in any part of your body, especially your back, may be a result of nervous dysfunction or a herniated disk. If you are experiencing intense pain coupled with the twitching or spasm, seek medical attention immediately.

Fainting (Syncope)

No one just drops down and faints under normal circumstances. If someone in your vicinity experiences a fainting episode, don’t overlook it and call for medical help.

Intense and Sporadic Skin rash

If your skin is generally in good condition and you see sporadic burst of skin rash and spots, don’t delay in going to an emergency room. Skin rashes which itch, bleed, or are painful to deal with, should get immediate medical attention.

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek the immediate treatment of a physician at an emergency facility, like Victoria ER.

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