How to Wash Your Hands & Keep Germs Away

A cough. A sniffle. A sneeze.

Don’t fall prey to any germs this holiday season. Spend your holidays with friends and loved ones, not sick and stuck in your bed. Keep reading for our tips on washing hands and keeping any viruses or infections away!

    • If you’re washing your hands in a public place, grab a tissue and use it to open the door afterwards. There could be thousands of germs from people who may have not washed their hands on the handle.
    • Bring sanitizing wipes to disinfect any dirty surfaces or your hands. This is especially helpful if you have a small child that uses highchairs in restaurants.
    • Hand sanitizer may be convenient, but if your hands are visibly dirty, it won’t be effective. Use soap and a sink, instead.


Not sure where to wash? Check out our guide so you can reach all the nooks and crannies.


Want to learn more? Check out the CDC’s tips. 

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