GO RED & Victoria ER Partner to Decrease Heart Disease in Women

Nearly 290,000 women will die from heart disease this year, making it the number one cause of death for females, even above cancer. At Victoria ER, we wanted to do something about those numbers for our community.

On February 9, our facility sponsored the Go Red for Women Event at the Victoria Community Center in partnership with the American Heart Association to raise awareness and funds against heart disease in women. Keep reading to learn more about the event and how you can reduce your personal risk.

Go Red for Women has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Since its inception, Go Red has increased awareness and cut deaths by heart disease in women by nearly 30%. Go Red encourages women to implement changes in their everyday routine to reduce their risk of developing heart disease.

Here’s what the ladies who attended the event learned they can do to decrease their personal risk.

Avoid saturated fats and overly-processed, sugary foods. Don’t cut out fats and sugars all together – our bodies actually need both of these in moderation. When shopping, look for foods with omega 3s, a healthy fat that can improve our brain function and mood, and help balance insulin levels. You can find omega 3s in fish, nuts and some fruits, like avocados.

Get moving. Doing light to moderate exercise for even a half hour everyday significantly reduces your personal risk of developing heart disease. If you’re not a fitness guru, start with low to medium impact exercises like swimming and yoga.

Quit Smoking. Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs – it’s linked to a whole host of other diseases and cancers, including heart disease and ovarian, uterine and breast cancer. Smoking can leave carcinogenic byproducts in your body’s tissues and constricts your blood vessels, increasing your chances of heart attack and even stroke.

Drink less. If you’re used to having a drink every night, it may be time to cut back. Studies show that men and women who drink often, at least a few times a week, are at an increased risk for heart disease. If you enjoy a glass of red once or twice a week, there’s no need to worry.

If you want to learn more about Go Red, visit this page. You can join, donate to research and awareness and more. Nearly 90% of women who signed up for Go Red made at least one healthy change to their routines, including losing weight and starting an exercise regimen. We recommend our patients and the Victoria community see their regular physicians to discuss a long-term heart health plan.

Did you attend the Go Red for Women event? If you did, what did you learn?

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