5 Most Common Diabetic Emergencies

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5 Most Common Diabetic Emergencies

Type 2 diabetes, commonly known as adult onset diabetes, can damage nerves, blood vessels and almost each and every part of your body. Diabetes can even cause medical emergencies when not controlled properly. With a proper and regular check on the blood sugar level, you can avoid these emergency situations:

Heart Attack

People suffering from diabetes are at a greater risk of heart attack as compared to others. Diabetes damages the blood vessels, nerves and arteries which supply blood to the heart. This damage causes chest pains and shortness of breath which ultimately leads to a heart attack. You can avoid this situation by getting cardio tests done on a regular basis.

Kidney Failure

Diabetes impacts kidneys as well and is a leading cause of kidney failure amongst many diabetic patients. It is important for them to get their routine urine and blood tests done in order to find out about the function of kidneys. Regular tests will help in understanding and treating the issue as soon as it arises instead of rushing to the ER when an emergency occurs.

Vision Loss

Diabetes is a leading cause of loss of vision in many parts of the world. Nerves are damaged and due to poor blood supply, vision loss occurs. Patients should visit an Ophthalmologist on a regular basis and make sure that their vision is not being impacted by this condition.


Hyperglycemia refers to high blood sugar which occurs when there is a lack of insulin in the body. When symptoms like excessive thirst, blurry vision and excessive urination occur, know that there may be a potential emergency situation. Make sure that you visit the emergency center as soon as you experience any of these symptoms.


Hypoglycemia refers to low blood sugar which undoubtedly can be another emergency situation. Symptoms such as sweating, shakiness and changes in mental status may signal that the patient needs immediate medical attention. As the sugar level is low, you can help the patient by giving him something sweet to eat and then head over to the emergency center. Also adjust the level of insulin intake to recover from this situation. Looking for an emergency care center in Victoria? Look no further than Victoria ER. We are a 24 hour emergency care center that provides compassionate and quick medical treatment. Click here to contact us.

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