Celebrating National Doctor’s Day With Q&A

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Celebrating National Doctor’s Day With Q&A

There are over 45,000 emergency physicians in the U.S., and at Victoria ER, we have the some of the best of these doctors practicing at our facility.

Since it’s National Doctor’s Day, we’re going to hear from of our physicians, Dr. Joseph Hathorn, on why he become a physician and how Victoria ER bridges the gap between a traditional emergency department and concierge-style care.

What made you want to become a physician?

When I was in high school, I had a Physics teacher encourage me to consider a career in medicine. It was always a consideration but I didn’t really seriously focus on the possibility until after that point. Having a well-respected teacher who believed in me like that had a huge effect. When I entered college I had already made my mind up that I would be pre-med. I think going into college knowing exactly what I wanted to do helped me to become impervious to the typical distractions that college kids, especially freshmen, can easily fall prey to.

So, what’s a typical day at the facility look like for you?

My day at the facility typically starts at 9am. When I first come in, I check with the outgoing physician to see if there are any patients that need to be signed out so that I can assume care. If there are patients, we will go over the patient’s history and current status in the facility and see if there are any pending test results.

After that is done, I will go to my call room and get myself ready for the day. I will usually eat breakfast and get myself settled in for the day. I will do patient callbacks, something that the oncoming physician must do, usually during the first portion of the shift.

If there is any down time or a period where there are no patients, I may try to catch up on reading or spend some time on anything that needs my immediate attention.

How does Victoria ER differ from other emergency departments?

Working at this facility is a “breath of fresh air” when compared to a typical hospital ER. Unlike at the hospital, I can see patients very quickly and give them the quality time and service that they truly deserve. Patients are very appreciative of this and we know it makes a difference in their care experience.

I also like the fact that test results come back much faster when compared to the hospital. This means our patients are on their way to feeling better, faster. Our staff is motivated by the positive patient experience and in return, they’re able to perform their jobs optimally. It is a win-win for the patients and the staff taking care of them.

Victoria ER is a state-of-the-art facility with CT scanner, X-Ray and ultrasound in addition to our comprehensive list of lab services. Our ER trained and experienced physicians are committed to providing with you the no-wait, exceptional emergency care experience you deserve 24/7. Your health and satisfaction is our priority.

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