Symptoms in Your Child that You Can’t Ignore

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Symptoms in Your Child that You Can’t Ignore


Runny noses, stomachaches, rashes and minor cuts are only few of the ailments that occur in all children from time to time. Just as the times have changed, so have health issues. Parents need to understand what signs and symptoms should be taken seriously, and when they can be handled at home. Here are a few symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore in your child:

High Fever

Is your child’s skin flushed and hot? If the answer is yes, your usual reaction will be to grab a thermometer. Grabbing a thermometer is appropriate but it is not the only thing to do in this situation. It is always recommended that you look at the child’s condition instead of relying on the readings of the thermometer. If your child looks weak and sick – regardless of the temperature – you should consult your doctor immediately or visit an ER in case your doctor isn’t available.

Severe Headache

Just before going to school, your child complains of a bad headache. How do you decide if you should let her skip school or not? Minor headaches do not require skipping school and can be treated with over the counter medicines. However, if the headache is severe and the child complains frequently of it, there is good reason to visit your doctor. If your child’s appetite exhibits sudden changes or he/she does not show interest in playing because of the headache, visit your doctor.

Abdominal pain

Sometimes abdominal pain can be taken very casually and parents do not pay much attention to it when their child complains of it. However, abdominal pain can be serious and should be given medical attention as soon as it occurs. If your child develops associated fever, vomiting or decrease in appetite, make sure that you consult your doctor right away.

Stiff Neck

If your child wakes up in the morning and is unable to turn his head without feeling pain, then it might be because he/she slept wrong. But if the same symptoms occur with a fever – then his or her condition might be serious. Even if the pain is due to an injury, see your doctor or the nearest emergency care service. If your child is suffering from any of these symptoms and you aren’t sure of its severity, don’t take a chance. Visit an emergency center immediately. If you’re looking for the best option in Victoria,TX, contact Victoria ER! The center offers quality emergency service along with excellent patient care.

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