When Your Toothache Becomes Serious


Experiencing pain while chewing? Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold? Well, even this mild or moderate tooth discomfort can turn into  a potentially serious condition known as abscess. This is a pus-filled infection that occurs inside and around the tooth, and in some cases, between the gum and tooth. The pain is mild in the beginning; however, within a day or two, the pain can become intense. This sharp pain is the telltale sign that you’re suffering from abscess.


The tooth darkens in color compared to the surrounding teeth. You may even experience pain while eating or when pressing on the tooth. The abscess that spreads on the tip of the root affects the supporting structures i.e. the gum and the bone. In a number of cases, the pain intensifies to such a huge extent, that it isn’t relieved even with pain medications.A swollen face and jaw is another symptom of abscess. You may even experience pain in your jaw due to swelling. Bad taste or halitosis are less common symptoms of abscess.


Intense dental cavity (decay) is one of the most common causes of abscess. The cavity becomes so large that it reaches the pulp chamber. When this happens, an inflammatory process takes place within the tooth which is why you experience toothache. Abscess also occurs when you undergo a dental treatment such as crown, or a filling that gets too close to the pulp chamber. A blow and trauma to the tooth from grinding or clenching are other causes of abscess. The wisdom teeth are at a higher risk of developing abscess; however, any tooth can develop it. Wisdom teeth are difficult to keep clean and can develop decay that can go unnoticed. This is why they are prone to develop this complication.

Preventing Abscess

Avoiding sweet and sugar-filled drinks and foods is one of the best ways of preventing an abscess. Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen teeth and prevent from decaying.  Fluoride mouth rinse is also an effective abscess prevention technique. It prevents tooth decay and helps in strengthening the enamel.Smoking and diabetes increase the risk of dental problems. If any one of these two factors affect you, make sure that you do not skip your doctor visits. Victoria ERprovides a range of emergency services in Victoria, Texas. We emphasize excellent patient care along with quality and accessible services.

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