10 Most Common Causes for an ER Visit

Thinking about the emergency room might take you back to the dramatic scene from a movie where emergency rooms are visited after a brutal accident. But there are many other reasons why an emergency room may be visited. Do you know the top 10? Read on to find out:

10. Chest Pains

A number of people visit emergency rooms because they experience chest pains. A common perception is that chest pains are a sign of a heart attack. However, little is known about the fact that most of the patients visiting an ER due to chest pain are not diagnosed with cardiac diseases.

9. Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pains are becoming a popular reason to visit the ER. Simple problems like indigestion can result in abdominal pain. However, they are also a sign of kidney stones, food poisoning and other serious illnesses.

8. Toothaches

When you think about the ER, toothache is the last thing that might come to your mind. However, they are a common reason for visiting the ER. When dentist clinics are closed, the only option patients are left with is the ER.

7. Sprains and Broken Bones

Sprains are common. They can happen to anyone, regardless of their age. Thus, they are a popular reason of a visit to the ER. Accidents causing broken bones are also a common reason for visiting the ER.

6. Upper Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are becoming common, thus this disease is also one of the top ten reasons for visiting the ER. Common causes are cold, flu, viruses and even cardiac diseases.

5. Cuts and Contusions

Not all lacerations require suture repair but some do. Some people require a tetanus immunization after a cut.. Minor cuts are usually treated at home. Contusions, head trauma, and bruises are however, a common reason to visit the ER.

4. Back Pain

More and more people are visiting the ER due to back pains. A common reason is inappropriate posture and long working hours and sitting in front of the PC.

3. Skin Infections

Skin infections create abnormal reactions in the body. As the skin is responsible for protecting our body, an infection hinders this responsibility. With the increased visit to the ER due to skin infection, ER doctors are now able to treat this disease quite effectively.

2. Foreign Objects in the Body

Bizarre incidents such as coins inside the body or a button inside the ear have not even spared the ER and are a common reason for visiting an ER.

1. Headaches

Believe it or not, ER doctors see more headaches than you can ever expect! Obviously, usual headaches are not treated in the ER, but chronic migraines are definitely treated. Also, severe headaches can be a symptom of meningitis, cerebral hemorrhaging or a brain tumor which is why they are treated in the ER Are you looking for an efficient emergency care center? We, at Victoria ER, provide complete emergency services for adults as well as children.