Top 5 Serious Symptoms in Children

Children get injured or sick all the time. It is a part of growing up, and in most cases, parents have nothing to worry about. However, in some cases, a child’s injury or illness might need the services of an emergency room. For parents, it can be hard to tell when a fever or cold that has persisted for a few days needs the attention of the ER. Even though not all physical conditions warrant a visit to the nearest emergency room, some symptoms are quite worrisome, and call for emergency care services. Read on to learn about the 5 most common symptoms that require timely emergency services for children:

High fever

If your child has a persistent high fever, combined with vomiting and restlessness, you should immediately visit the nearest emergency room. In some instances, high fever, vomiting and a stiff neck could indicate a serious illness, such as meningitis. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if your child experiences frequent headaches, you need to get them medically evaluated to determine its underlying cause and seek proper treatment.


Excessive coughing is a serious symptom that needs medical attention. It is possible that your child has an underlying issue in their digestive tract or lungs that is causing uncontrollable coughing and making it difficult for them to breathe.


Children, especially toddlers, are prone to rashes, which can usually be harmless. However, if your child’s rash is all over their body, it is advisable to get it checked as soon as possible. The type of rashes to be concerned about include red or purple spots that do not change color when pressed and hives. In addition, hives accompanied with facial swelling are serious and require medical evaluation.


An unusually lethargic child or newborn, who has a difficult time staying active, should be taken to the emergency room for assessment. It is perfectly normal for a child to sleep and get some rest. But, if they fail to stay alert even when you wake them up, you should take them to a doctor as this may indicate a serious illness.

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is common in children. However, make sure to take your child to the emergency room if their abdomen feels hard and they have not had a bowel movement for more than two days. Constipation could be a likely cause for this issue, but it could also mean an intestinal problem. It really does not matter whether a symptom is life threatening or not. To be on the safe side, seek medical help if your child complains of pain in their body or is not acting their usual self. Considering emergency care services for your child? Get in touch with the experts at Victoria ER. As one of the leading emergency care providers in Texas, we provide the highest quality emergency care services for children. Click here for more details.

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