6 Most Painful Medical Conditions


Pain is a sensation that is triggered by a person’s nervous system. It can be dull, sharp or throbbing. You might experience focal or diffused pain. Diffused pain is a widespread pain that you experience over a larger area of your body. There are certain medical conditions that generate excessive, almost unbearable, amounts of pain. Here are six of those conditions that cause severe pain:

Back Pain

About 80 percent of the people suffering from back pain recover from it quickly, the other 20 percent may experience chronic back pain. Medical management as well as physical therapy is recommended by doctors to treat this condition that can limit a person’s lifestyle activities.

Post Surgical Pain

Whenever you visit a hospital for a surgery – minor or major – you’re at a risk of developing nerve injuries that might lead to constant pain. Chest and open heart surgeries are regarded as the most painful as patients are at risk of developing chronic post-surgical pain.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Usually occurring after an injury or trauma, this pain typically develops in one of the extremities. A small area swells initially and gradually as the pain develops, it spreads throughout the extremity. Even a slight touch can trigger unbearable pain. No specific cause has been discovered for this condition. However, a combination of medication, rehabilitation and neuro-stimulation assists in controlling it.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is usually caused by diabetes. This can cause damage to the nerves involving the extremities. The nerve tips trigger pain that is so excruciating that some patients describe it as a “feeling of walking on razor blades”. For calming the irritated nerves, doctors usually suggest anti-seizure medications and exercise to improve the flow of blood.

Kidney Stones

They are known to be one of the most painful conditions. Kidney stones are responsible for causing discomfort to the back, groin area and lower abdomen. Usually doctors suggest pain medications and an increase in fluid intake. The pain subsides almost immediately as the stones passes out; however, until then, patients may experience severe pain.

Cluster Headaches

Sometimes described as “suicidal headaches”, cluster headaches produce a sharp pain that is usually concentrated around one eye or one side of the head. Patients are sometimes so debilitated by them that thoughts of suicide are known to occur. The cause of these headaches is unknown; however, anti-seizures and calcium channel blockers can be used to help sufferers. If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from any of these conditions, visit an ER immediately! We, at Victoria ER offer 24 hour emergency care with quality services to help patients recover in the least possible time.

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