Why We Can’t Accept Medicare or Medicaid


You can’t plan for emergencies. And when it comes to your loved ones and their emergencies, the last thing you want to think about will be how to pay. It’s important to know your payment options for emergencies so you’re prepared when the time arrives. Stand-alone ER centers, like Victoria ER, are unable to accept Medicare and Medicaid. Unfortunately, this isn’t a choice made by us. The government doesn’t allow stand-alone ER centers to accept these payment plans. But we will never turn away a patient because of inability to pay in life-threatening situations. Let’s look at the reasons as to why we can’t accept Medicare and Medicaid, some alternative payment options and the growing benefits of stand-alone ER centers.

We Are Not Part of a Hospital System

Unlike traditional ERs, which are connected to hospitals, Victoria ER and other stand-alone ER centers are not part of a hospital system. Although this is the case, stand-alone ERs can transfer and admit patients to the hospital of their choice. Traditional ERs admit patients directly to the hospital they are affiliated with. This can lead to very high wait times and a limited number of staff to care for the waiting patients. These wait times are often an inevitability of traditional ER rooms. 

Benefits of a Stand-Alone ER Center

While stand-alone ER centers are not affiliated with hospitals, they often have agreements with nearby hospitals to admit patients directly from their own centers. This ensures you’ll always get the critical attention you deserve. And just like traditional ERs, Victoria ER is open 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. Our physicians are diligent and caring with all of our patients. Victoria ER can treat everything from swollen ankles and rashes to life-threatening situations. Our wait times are much shorter because our staff is more readily available. You can be seen, treated and on your way home in ten minutes! Unlike traditional ERs, stand-alone ER centers aren’t put under staff constraints by their adjoining hospitals. This means much shorter wait times.

Why We Can’t Accept Medicare and Medicaid

Victoria ER, and other stand-alone ER centers, aren’t allowed to accept Medicare, Medicaid or CHIPS under federal law because we aren’t affiliated with a hospital. This isn’t our choice and you’ll never be turned away when faced with a life-threatening situation because you can’t pay.

Other Payment Options

While we can’t accept Medicare or Medicaid, we do accept most private insurances. Medicare, Medicaid and CHIPS are federally funded, but private insurance is funded by insurance companies like BlueCross, Aetna, and Unitedhealthcare. Under Texas law, private plans must provide in-network benefit rates for emergencies. Victoria ER accepts most private insurance plans. Victoria ER is proud to provide Emergency Care With a Higher Standard that offers compassionate and specialized care! Our doctors and nurses provide focused and individualized treatment for every patient, no matter the ailment.

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