Learn How Our Nurse Impacts Your Emergency Care

When thinking of your medical care, a doctor will most likely come to mind, but did you know that nurses are the primary providers of patient care? 

In fact, nurses also deliver most of our long-term care. In many ways, nurses are more than medical professionals, they’re also caretakers and support systems.

During this National Nurses Week, we’re going to learn more about some of the talented nursing staff at Victoria ER with one of our own, Jenette Hill, RN. Keep reading for a deeper look as to how nurses impact your emergency care!


Q: What made you want to be a nurse?
A: My daughter gave me the idea. I lost my job and called to give her the news. She thought a minute and said, “Well, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. You always wanted to go to college. You can always support yourself with a career in nursing.” As I looked into the nursing program, I began to get more and more interested. I was accepted into the nursing program, and there began my passion for nursing. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.
Q: What does a typical day at the facility look like for you?
A: Every day is different. I find that patient symptoms come in waves.  For example, some days are mostly orthopedics. The patients get an x-ray, medication for pain and a splint.  Other days, we see a lot of patients with gastrointestinal issues. These patients get an IV and have blood drawn for labs, fluids for rehydration and medication for nausea and pain. Sometimes those patients need an abdomen CT scan. Patients typically leave with a script for medications. Those are just a couple examples. We see patients with a wide range of medical issues. If necessary, they’re transferred to a hospital for further medical care. We do our best to ensure our patients are well taken care of and happy when they leave.
Q: How does your job impact the patient’s emergency care experience? 
A: I believe my job impacts the patients emergency care in a positive manner.  We don’t let our patients sit in the lobby. They are brought to a room within a few minutes of arrival.  They are seen by the physician a few minutes later.  Our staff is friendly, efficient and professional. Patients seem to be impressed that we can do so much for them. We have several patients that return to us because they had positive experience in our facility. They have also recommended us to their friends and coworkers, which is a testament to our patient satisfaction and care.
Q: What’s it like working at a freestanding facility, and specifically, your facility? 
A: After working at Victoria ER, I will never go back to a hospital ER. I enjoy my job. I actually have the opportunity to talk with my patients, instead of running into their room, then running out. I have time to teach patients how to protect their health for the future, which is incredibly rewarding. We really value accessability in emergency care, which is why patients have the opportunity to talk to any of the staff or the doctor during their visit.

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