How to Deal With & Prepare for a Medical Emergency

A medical emergency can occur at any point, anytime, anywhere! Instead of panicking in an emergency situation, why not prepare yourself beforehand. Having an action plan, the required emergency kit, and being equipped with the right knowledge will help you in saving lives of people in your home. Go through the following steps to prepare yourself for an emergency situation:

  • Always keep a well stocked emergency kit at home, in your car and in your office. This is one of the most essential aspects for preparing for an emergency. Not only does it help in providing instant care whenever an emergency arises, but it might just save a life!
  • Written records of medical information should be maintained. If you or anyone in your house is suffering from a medical condition, it is essential that medical information is properly maintained and is handy so that it can be easily accessed when required.
  • Attending a first aid and CPR class is essential. Many of us believe that we know the steps to be taken in an emergency. However, there are nitty-gritty details of handling emergencies which we might not know until we attend a class.
  • Emergency numbers should always be kept near your telephone. Although you can save emergency contact information in a smartphone, you still need to have a printed copy near the landline.. This might be helpful when you aren’t at home and someone else needs to make a call!
  • Recognize emergency symptoms. You should be aware of the symptoms a person might experience which indicate an emergency. Knowing these symptoms will help you in taking action immediately.
  • When you’re rushing to the emergency care center, do not forget to take the previous medical records with you. This will help the doctors in knowing the patient’s medical history and treatment will be performed accordingly.
  • Above all, DO NOT panic! Even after attending first aid classes and gaining all the information, if you panic when the emergency occurs, you will fail to handle the situation properly. Keep yourself calm and composed while handling the emergency.

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