Top 5 Conditions that Land Seniors in the ER


Heart attacks, strokes, chronic infections – these are the only conditions we think impact the elderly’s health and prompting a subsequent ER visit. But there are a number of other reasons that lead the elderly to visit an emergency center. When it comes to your senior loved one, make sure you’re prepared for any medical emergency by researching common conditions that land seniors in the ER. Continue reading to learn more about some of these diseases and injuries.

1.      Heart Disease

This is one of the most common reasons why elderly people visit the ER. Chest pains and shortness of breath are the two symptoms that point towards possible heart disease. Although not all chest pains are related to heart disease, visiting an emergency center is always recommended for elderly patients.

2.      Complications of Medical Treatment

Elderly patients are already on so many medications that one of them is bound to cause some kind of a reaction. Sometimes they visit emergency centers when a medicine does not agree with their body. It is important that they inform their doctors of all the medications that are a part of their regimen as well as all of their medical problems. This will help the doctors in prescribing the appropriate medication for them.

3.      Infections

Infections are very common amongst the elderly. As they age, their immune system weakens and their body loses the capability to fight disease. This is when infections start to develop. Infections also develop when elderly people do not consume the right amount of food and liquids. One common infection that occurs due to lack of fluids in the body is urinary tract infection. Consuming the right amount of food and water is the best way to avoid infections.

4.      Accidents

Poor vision, inability to walk properly, and overall weakness causes a lot of problems for seniors. Falls are the most common type of accidents that can lead to a visit to an emergency center. Weak and brittle bones are another problem that can lead to fractures and long term disability.

5.      Spinal Disorders

Conditions affecting the soft tissue and bony elements of the spine can force elderly adults to visit an emergency center. Some of these conditions can affect the spinal cord which is a highly delicate structure in the body and is integral in maintaining normal nervous function. Looking for an emergency care center in Victoria? Look no further than Victoria ER. We are a 24 hour emergency care center that provides compassionate and quick medical treatment. Click here to contact us.

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