7 Unusual Reasons for Visiting the ER


A broken bone, a severe head injury, major accidents – while all these are among the top reasons for visiting an ER , there are some quite unexpected reasons to land in an ER. There might be cases that you go to a medical center suspicious of one thing, but the actual cause of your condition could surprise you. Here are seven such strange reasons that force an ER visit:

Barbecue Brush Bristles

Brush bristles can lead to an ER visit, seriously? The metal bristles of the brush used to clean your barbecue grill, if not used carefully, can end up in your stomach. After cleaning your equipment with metal bristles make sure to clean the grill with a towel to get rid of the hazardous metal objects.

Laundry Poisoning

Undoubtedly, the new styled laundry pods are useful and hassle-free, but they’re dangerous as well, especially for children. Brightly colored,with a shiny appearances attractive to kids. Curious as they are, your 2-year old may put it in his mouth.Containing cleaning agents, these pods are poisonous. Keep them out of reach of your children to avoid a visit to the ER.

Alcohol Poisoning

When consuming alcohol, know your limits. It’s difficult to tell how much should be consumed; but once you start losing track – things start getting worse. Symptoms like vomiting, breathlessness, seizures and elevated body temperatures indicate alcohol poisoning and require emergency medical care. Be aware of how your body metabolizes alcohol and consume only as much as your body can tolerate.


Eating fruits could lead to an emergency – were you aware of that? You need to make sure that you wash fruits before consuming them. Pests like spiders lurk on fruits that may lead to conditions that require immediate medical attention. Pesticides may also contaminate fruit and lead to serious problems requiring emergency attention.

Secondary Drowning

If your child is involved in a water accident, monitor him closely. Even though he appears to be fine, there might be water lingering in his lungs. This can cause a pneumonia-like condition which can be fatal if not treated in  time. Watch out for symptoms like lethargy, continued coughing, unusual lip color, and changes in breathing. If any of these persist, seek immediate emergency care.


Tendonitis, knee and hip problems due to flip-flops? Have you ever heard of it? Wearing slippers that do not provide enough support can cause chronic pain.Flip-flops do not offer arch support which causes discomfort, and in a few cases, leads to emergencies.

Sneezing Wrong

We don’t think about the way we sneeze. Blocking airways by covering your mouth and pinching your nose or holding a sneeze could land you in the emergency. When you block airways during a sneeze, pressure builds up in the throat which causes a punctured airway. This condition can be a fatal one. Thus, when sneezing, always make sure that you cover your mouth and nose in an unobstructed manner. Which ER should you visit when faced with any of these situations? Victoria ER is the answer.Our compassionate medical staff focuses on providing excellent patient care with the shortest wait time. Come to us if you have any medical emergencies.