How to Avoid Medication Overdose

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How to Avoid Medication Overdose


Overdose occurs when more than the required dose medicine is consumed. Over the past several years, unintentional medication overdoses have been steadily on the rise. There are certain drugs which cause overdose, such as pain killers, medicines taken for cold and cough, antidepressants, sedatives and medicines for ADHD. Some of these drugs can be avoided such as sedatives; however, if they are required, they should be strictly administered by your doctor. Not doing so will lead to serious health consequences. In case of emergency, rush to a 24 hour emergency care center. But before you experience any such situation, it is important to understand the causes of medication overdose:

Wrong Dose

A very common cause of medicine overdose is incorrect dose. Many people do not consider the importance of taking the medicine in the amount prescribed by the doctor and consume an inappropriate amount. Over the counter drugs are not prescribed by doctors, thus many of us just consume the amount we think is right. This is very common with pain killers. When we treat our headaches and backaches with non-prescribed pain killers, we are unaware of the dose and usually consume more than required. Also, using an inaccurate dosing device or spoon may also lead to wrong dosage.

Consuming too many Medicines

If you have already been prescribed few medicines by your doctor, do not take the risk of taking over the counter drugs without consulting your physician. Some medicines, when taken together, may react and harm your body. Thus make sure that when combining medicines, always consult your doctor!

Shared Medicines

Not every medicine is suitable for everyone. When using a medicine, make sure that you consult your doctor or read the label to have an idea of whether it is suitable for you or not. Labels also provide information regarding conditions under which the medicine should not be consumed, so you can get a fair idea if it is right for you or not.


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