How To Prepare Your Children for an Emergency

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How To Prepare Your Children for an Emergency

Have you ever thought of facing a situation where your child is alone and in need of immediate medical help? Wouldn’t you blame yourself if your child’s condition worsens because he is not aware of the steps he should take in an emergency situation? You surely will! So avoid all blames and regrets and get your child prepared for emergency medical care when alone. Here are a few ways you can teach your child to act in medical emergency conditions:

Teach your Children to Use 911

Ensure that your child is aware of the 911 service. Create a very comfortable environment when teaching your child about 911. Always refer to the number as nine-one-one and not nine-eleven, or else during an emergency; your child will look for number eleven on the dial pad. Inform your child what 911 is, why it exists and what its purpose is. Your child will retain this information, if provided correctly. Teach him how to dial 911 and most importantly, emphasize that this number should only be dialed during emergencies and not otherwise.

What Information to Give

Teach your children to memorize your address. . Inform him what information the 911 personnel may require and will inquire when he calls them. Make sure you make a note of this information and keep it in a diary so that your child has easy access to it. Questions such as where are you calling from, what is your address, and contact number are asked by the 911 personnel. Confirm your child has answers to all these important questions by practicing these with them.

Listing Emergency Phone Numbers

Prepare a list of emergency phone numbers and give it your child or to the baby sitter so that they can call you or any other person whenever a medical emergency situation arises. Placing the same list in a usual and common place at home will also help in times of emergencies. This will help in reducing chaos as an important person will have information of what is going on at home. Looking for the best Emergency Care Center in Victoria? We, at Victoria ER provide unmatched emergency medical care services and make sure that you get the right care at the right time. Click here to find out more about us.