How to Protect Your Children from Accidental Overdoes

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How to Avoid Medication Overdose

Your child needs medicine when sick. But these medicines can sometimes be too dangerous for children if an accidental medication overdose occurs! When your doctor prescribes medicines for your children, be very careful and keep them out of reach of your children. Here are few ways how you can avoid accidental medication overdose and make sure that your child only consumes the exact amount prescribed by the doctor:

Read the Label

Over the counter as well as prescription drugs come with safety information. These labels provide information on how the drug should be administered and what its side effects are, if any. Make sure that you read this information carefully and most importantly, follow it. Pay attention to the amount that is mentioned on the label and give the same amount to your child. The label also mentions information regarding when it should be given and what should be done if the condition persists. Follow those instructions.

Two Prescriptions for Two Kids

Take note of this – never give your child medicine which has been prescribed for another child as it may harm your kid. Medicines differ on the basis of body conditions, age and other factors. In order for your child to be effectively treated, the doctor needs to examine him thoroughly before prescribing a medicine. Also, make sure that you not only contact your doctor by phone, but also visit his office. Take your child to the doctor so that he can examine him properly and then prescribe a medicine.

Be Careful with Infants

Many emergency care centers record huge occurrences of overdose cases in infants. One mistake that parents make is that they do not consult their doctor before giving their infants medicines for flu or cold. Children under four should not be given any medicine without the doctor’s approval. Also, no child should be given any medicine packaged for adults.

Appropriate Dosing Device

If the medicine prescribed by the doctor comes with a measuring cup, use it every time you provide your child with medication. Also make sure that the cup contains clear indications so that you can follow them accurately. If you lose this cup, you can always purchase a new one from the pharmacy. If your child suffers from medication overdose, you should rush to the nearest emergency room! We, at Victoria ER provide emergency services for children too. Our qualified professionals make sure that patients are provided with the highest care standards! Click here for more information about our services.

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