How To Prepare Your Children for an Emergency
The Difference Between Freestanding ERs & Urgent Care

When You Should Go to the ER

You might be aware of a few symptoms which indicate an emergency, but do you know whether a swollen ankle can be treated with an ice pack or when you need to call 911? Read on to find out when to visit an emergency care center and which symptoms should never be ignored:

Chest Pain

Chest pains should be taken very seriously. There are certain types of chest pains which are not serious, but it is advised that you always see a doctor whenever you experience a chest pain –Better safe than sorry! Heavy pressure on the chest, nausea, shortness of breath, and heartburns, may all be symptoms of a heart attack. If you experience any of these or a combination of these symptoms, seek emergency treatment right away.

Broken Bones

Whether you have suffered from an accident or a traumatic injury, broken bones always need medical help. Some broken bones may be life-threatening, so make sure that you visit an ER immediately after the injury. Depending on the severity, some cases may require reduction or “setting” the fracture, some may require surgery while others may be minor cases where a cast would suffice. Regardless of the severity, always visit an emergency care center to get the right treatment.

Difficulty in Breathing

Breathing difficulty is a serious problem which should not be ignored. If you experience breathing problems it may indicate respiratory infection, asthma attack or pneumonia. Irrespective of the condition, you should rush to an emergency when you find it difficult to breathe. If young children such as infants and toddlers experience breathing problems, they should be rushed to an emergency care provider immediately.

Fever and Diarrhea

Usually people do not consider fever and diarrhea as emergency situations, but once these conditions persist without any improvement, it is advised seek emergency treatment. Fever over 104 degrees with severe diarrhea and vomiting requires immediate attention. Not paying attention can worsen the condition and even put your life at risk. Visit an emergency care center to get treated immediately. Looking for the best emergency health care in Victoria? We, at Victoria ER offer a full range of emergency services for children and adults. With highly skilled medical personnel, we provide the best treatment to our patients. Click here to learn more about us.

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