Victoria ER Joins the Run Against Cancer

Every year, 12.7 million people will discover they have cancer. Of those people, over 7 million will succumb to this disease. But research suggests that nearly 40 percent of these deaths can be prevented with awareness and early detection.

While deaths from cancer have gone down in the past decade, there’s still plenty we can do to educate ourselves and others about early detection, which can save lives. At Victoria ER, we decided to contribute to this cause by sponsoring the Citizens Medical Center Run Against Cancer. Keep reading to learn more key cancer facts and see pictures from the event, where some of our own staff ran.

Despite the increase in quality of life, including advanced medical care, cancer rates are rising. Experts mostly attribute the rising numbers to longevity, meaning we’re outliving our ancestors. So how can we take steps towards protecting our long-term health? Check out our tips below.


  • Don’t smoke. Not only does smoking significantly increase your chances of developing lung cancer, it also increases the risk of a whole host of other cancers including breast, prostate and brain.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Being obese doesn’t just increase risk of cancer, it also means you’re more likely to suffer from heart disease and even stroke.
  • Get vaccinated. Some cancers, like certain ovarian cancers, can be prevented completely by vaccination.
  • Limit alcohol intake. A glass of red once in a while won’t hurt you, but if you’re used to at least one alcoholic drink a day, you may need to decrease your intake.
  • Research your family history. Some cancers, like breast, are more likely to occur in close relations than other cancers.
  • Avoid red meats. The CDC now lists red meats, like beef, hot dogs and chorizo, as carcinogenic in large amounts. Stick with white meats, like chicken or fish, and save the steaks for special occasions.
  • Keep regular appointments with your doctor. This is especially true as we grow older and our risk of cancer increases. Make sure you see a physician for your physical at least once a year and discuss how you can protect your longterm health.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can contribute to the Citizens Medical Center fight against cancer, visit this page. To learn more about cancer prevention, visit this page. 

Did you participate in this year’s run? Let us know how you did!

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