Dehydration & the Symptoms that May Lead to an ER Visit

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Dehydration & the Symptoms that May Lead to an ER Visit


If you have ever had dry mouth or a sensation that there is no noticeable moisture there, there is a chance you might be dehydrated. Mild dehydration is easily treatable upon consuming some fluids. However, if the condition is severe, causing your skin and mucous membranes to dry out and making the skin lose its elasticity and suppleness, you could probably be suffering from severe dehydration. Other symptoms associated with dehydration include reduced urination, dark-colored urine, hollowed eyes, low blood pressure and rapid breathing and heartbeat. Many times, there are other not-so-prominent, yet severe, symptoms that remain unidentified as potential causes of dehydration. Stated below are some common symptoms of dehydration that can lead to an ER visit:


The body’s common reaction to an infection or illness is fever.It is indicative of the fact that your body is working to help you fight infection or some other insult. . As a result, the tissues in the body remain deprived of fluids to remain healthy -causing dehydration. With a significantly high fever such as 103 degrees, your body dries up faster than it does during a mild fever. In many cases, this can cause diarrhea and vomiting, which advances dehydration. Follow these steps to address fever and exercise control over dehydration:

  • Bathe your head and upper portion of the body with cool (not too cold) water;
  • Drink ample amounts of fluids such as water, juice, or clear soup – no tea or coffee;
  • Lie down or sleep for some time to rejuvenate your body.

If the condition doesn’t improve, visit your nearest emergency room to discover the reason and obtain definitive care.

Excessive Sweating

More likely to happen during a hot season, excessive sweating arises during rigorous physical activities such as playing sports, hiking in the sun, etc. The more humid and moist the weather is, the greater the chance your body loses vital fluids and electrolytes. Typically children and teenagers are more vulnerable to fluid loss as their body weight tends to be lower with a greater surface area. . To cope with this condition, make certain that you carry a bottle of water at all times during summer outdoor activities, and drink proactively to keep the body hydrated. Make the most of every opportunity to refresh yourself under the shade or with cold water. Also, try to cover your head under the sun to lessen moisture loss via your scalp.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Both the conditions can cause the body to lose a great deal of fluid content. However, if both the conditions attack the body simultaneously, you can dehydrate even faster. Significant vomiting and diarrhea can result from a reaction to certain foods or medication, a gastric condition, a bacterial or viral illness. It can result in an added loss of electrolytes and subsequent worsening of your dehydration. Hit by dehydration? Make sure you head to Victoria ER for excellent patient care and emergency services at accessible rates. Find answers to some of your common questions or read through some of our informative blogs.

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