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Autumn Wellness Tips

Victoria ER wants to wish you a happy fall! The school year is in full swing and the holidays are on the way. As the days are getting shorter and the temperature cooler, the transition from the summer season to autumn is a great time to take advantage of focusing on your health, safety, and wellness. To help you and your family better enjoy and prepare for the season, we’ve conjured up a list of tips to help you get started early!

1. Get Your Flu Shot

Although the flu season peaks during the winter, it is best to plan on getting you and your family’s shots in October to early November. Anyone aged from six months and up, into elderly adults is eligible to get their shot and this will help defend you from contracting this virus. If you do end up catching the flu, the shot will help reduce your symptoms during the period of time you are sick.


2. Take Care of Services Your Home May Need Early

Extra outdoor chores await us during cooler weather. Raking leaves and debris can help you get some fresh air and even be a good exercise if done weekly. You should also make it a point to check on appliances used for heating your home such as fireplaces, furnaces, and heaters.



3. Schedule Your Yearly Checkups

Do you get your health checked annually? The beginning of the fall season is a great time to schedule appointments necessary before winter is in full swing and events like family gatherings and the holidays take precedence over your schedule.



4. Eat Seasonally

During fall, fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, brussel sprouts, cranberries, and sweet potatoes are in season. Eating seasonally will not only help build your immunity towards becoming sick during these months, but can also help provide you with nutrients and vitamins you would normally get from the sun and being outdoors during the summer.



5. Maintain a Safe Home 

Safety features in your home such as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may need their batteries changed and to be tested. If you do not have a fire extinguisher within reach, now may be a good time to invest in one and check its pressure regularly. Do not forget about your HVAC filters as allergies accompany the seasonal changes; this will help keep the air in your home clean and healthy.



We know health and safety look differently on everyone so Victoria ER hopes to help you prepare for any emergency. Without the wait of an over-crowded hospital emergency room, Victoria ER will make your medical needs a priority in hopes to deliver the most pleasant patient experience possible. We are prepared to handle your medical emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no appointment needed.